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    The Book

    A must read for the progressive marketing executive seeking a competitive edge in the world of digital commerce dominated by Amazon

    The first book dedicated to informing and guiding modern business executives on the challenges and opportunities presented in the new Amazon economy. Exclusive interviews with Chief Marketing Officers, senior media and ecommerce professionals and retail industry executives from brands and agencies provides a candid look at Amazon through the perspective of current marketing leaders.


    Available on Kindle and in Paperback




    A must read with 4.9 stars on Amazon.com


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    "Behind the Scenes Access To How Amazon Really Works (and how to get the most out of the platform)"

    This book does a great job of condensing all of the available information that's out there into one, entertaining book. Also, the authors, Kiri and Mark, have access to not-widely-known information that they've been able to uncover from their agency experience and the interviews they conducted.




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    "Great Information in Understanding Amazon Business"

    I recommend this book to any marketing or sales stakeholders in CPG brands who are grappling with their Amazon businesses. By understanding and applying Amazon’s leadership principles and strategies, you will have a stronger grasp on your success as a vendor or marketplace seller.




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    "Great Amazon / Digital-Ecom strategy assessment book"

    Great book to help map your Amazon / Digital & E-com strategy. Helps leaders understand how to take advantage of a fully dedicated hands-on Amazon approach around what your customers really want and how your brands need to evolve to deliver them the best experience, accelerating growth.




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    "A must read for senior marketing leaders!"

    A must read for senior marketing leaders to learn how brands are adapting to Amazon's presence. The executive interviews are insightful and include strategies for both traditional retail and e-commerce. Navigating Amazon isn't easy but this book is a great guide for those who agree with me that Amazon is a strategic imperative for brands.




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    "Well Done Kiri & Mark"

    Fantastic book - As someone who's worked with Amazon since 2016 it's great to see a book that breaks down the differences and concepts associated with the site in a comprehensive, digestible way. It's positioning to be made for CMO's / C-suites across organizations looking to tackle the e-Commerce behemoth is very well done.




  • "There is no doubt that Amazon is a phenomenon that all businesses must plan for. But the challenges and opportunities are difficult to navigate."


    • Amazon has become a top imperative for most companies and many brands are late to the party, scrambling to form sustainable long term strategies for success.
    • Amazon is highly complex and ever-expanding and proving difficult for CMOs & other execs to navigate. It’s no longer just an online retail marketplace, it is also a formidable marketing platform and its growing set of properties, content, and innovations are becoming embedded across modern culture and society.
    • This book will help C-level executives and others who interface and collaborate with marketing departments to understand how Amazon is changing not only how products are distributed to customers, but Amazon’s many new marketing functions.
    • Trends in Amazon’s paid search platform, SEO, organic content potential, media opportunities, and operational requirements have pushed marketing to adopt data-driven approaches that would make a C-level executive’s head swim.
    • Amazon increasingly overlaps with business functions that were previously handled as separate and distinct like sales, fulfillment, finance, customer service, and technology.
    • These changes in the status quo require CMOs to better understand how Amazon works from the inside out, and how Amazon can help them achieve their objectives.

    This book delivers insights based on the hard-won experience of the Authors as well as the voice of the industry.


    Is this book for you? What will you learn?

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    Who Should Read This Book?

    • C-level executives
    • CMOs, other marketing executives, and aspiring marketing executives
    • Advertising execs, media planners, digital marketers, and other marketing professionals
    • Advertising agencies and marketing and PR firms
    • Ecommerce entrepreneurs
    • All others who interface with marketing functions in their own roles
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    What Readers Will Learn

    • How chief marketing officers within leading corporations and startups alike are leveraging Amazon not only as a distribution channel but as a marketing channel
    • What Amazon’s leadership principles and decision-making frameworks can tell us about their future strategies
    • How CMO’s are making Amazon strategy decisions based on data rather than gut decisions

    Masters and Power possess unparalleled thought leadership across Amazon ecosystem and digital commerce.

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    Kiri Masters

    Amazon Marketplace Maven

    Founder & CEO

    Bobsled Marketing



    Kiri launched the Amazon-focused digital agency, Bobsled, in 2015 to serve branded manufacturers across Amazon operations, brand protection, advertising, and organic marketing functions.

    Today Bobsled is a fully remote team of 25 Amazon experts that consumer brands rely on to triage Amazon’s evolving policies, programs, and best practices.

    Kiri writes a weekly column for Forbes about Amazon, is the author of The Amazon Expansion Plan and host of the Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast.



    Visit Bobsled Marketing

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    Mark Power

    Marketplace Media & Innovation Leader





    Mark is a 20+ year digital media leader with a proven track record of delivering innovative marketing solutions and growth for brands globally.


    He has successfully built agencies across the digital spectrum, most recently at Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), where he led IPG's Amazon Center Of Excellence, a strategic capability that encompassed Amazon experts across display, search, brand building, and marketplace development.


    Mark leads performance media and marketplaces for Makeable, helping brands in leverage the entire Amazon ecosystem and going beyond basic performance advertising tactics.


    Visit Podean


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