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How Did Vita Coco Build Its Success on Amazon? - Episode 2

Interview with Jim Morgan from Vita Coco


Welcome to the Amazon for CMOs PowWow with Kiri Masters and Mark Power! Today in the PowWow we had a conversation with Jim Morgan, head of eCommerce at VitaCoco.
Jim started at Cadbury, in finance, and has always been working for consumer goods companies. He was always very close to marketing and interested in getting more brand roles, so he worked his way up and ended at Vita Coco in the insights function, just so he would later become the head of eCommerce.

Jim is talking about his journey in Vita Coco, the company’s beginnings on Amazon in 2006, and building foundations for success in eCommerce. He offers his point of view on where does Amazon fit in the organization, and how could we utilize Amazon as a growth channel in the best way.
Tune in today and listen to interview with Jim Morgan!

“If you want to kick that flywheel off, you spend it upfront, build it up faster, get it up organically, and then you can ease off on it.” - Jim Morgan

Key Takeaways

  • Where does Amazon functionally fit in the organization?
  • Having a strategy is a good starting point when it comes to eCommerce.
  • Amazon not just a distribution channel.
  • Now, Amazon is about brand building and awareness.
  • Reasons for Vita Coco’s eCommerce success.
  • Dealing with competition.
  • Everything is interconnected and you need to understand all of the inputs. 
  • Overrated and underrated metrics on Amazon.
  • How should CMOs look at the Amazon opportunity?

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