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Introducing the Amazon for CMOs PowWow

With Kiri Masters and Mark Power


Welcome to the Amazon for CMOs PowWow with Kiri Masters and Mark Power! This is the first episode we’re launching and we’re excited to tell you all about the upcoming insightful sessions with seasoned leaders and innovators in digital commerce.

Saddle up with Masters and Power for an energetic conversation with the movers and shakers who are navigating the ever expanding and increasingly complex world of Amazon.
But first, you should definitely get to know your hosts. Kiri Masters is the founder and CEO of Bobsled Marketing, an Amazon-focused digital agency. She also writes a weekly column for Forbes about Amazon, is the author of The Amazon Expansion Plan and host of the Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast. Mark Power is the founder and CEO of Podean, an Amazon Agency & Marketplace Consultancy. He is also a 20+ year digital media leader with a proven track record of delivering innovative marketing solutions and growth for brands globally.
After publishing their book, “Amazon for CMOs”, Kiri and Mark realized there is a need to demystify Amazon, break misconceptions and to explore the space from a CMO’s perspective. Amazon has become a strategic imperative for many organizations and it is far from being just a distribution platform - it is a brand building platform and a part of a much bigger puzzle for CMOs.
Tune in today and join Kiri and Mark for more insights!

"I think there’s also a lot of misconceptions out there about Amazon, that it’s, for example, just a distribution platform." - Kiri Masters

Key Takeways

  • How and why did the idea of Amazon for CMOs podcast come to life.
  • The importance of sharing advice and experiences on handling Amazon challenges. 
  • PowWow podcast offers insights for everyone - from beginners to experienced CMOs.
  • What are the capabilities of the Amazon platform?